Escape the Ordinary

In our experience, all Islands are unique & special places and Pelee Island, the most southerly inhabited place in all of Canada, is no exception. There’s something about boarding the ferry, watching the mainland fade into the shimmering heat-hazed distance, the refreshing gusts of fresh Lake Erie wind messing your hair, the summer sun warming your face, the rhythmic splashing of the waves & the graceful birds soaring overhead, that combine to signify a very new experience has begun.

Pelee Island does not have a dramatic caldera like Santorini or the charming rock face villas of Capri, but it does have a very special natural beauty & human warmth all its very own.

If you like sampling new wines & marveling at the beauty of birds, meditating on quiet starry nights, walking hand in hand on sandy beaches, or floating serenely on your back in a summer-warmed lake……then Pelee is for you.

If you fancy photographing orange trumpet vines & hauntingly beautiful pink sunrises, frying up your own fresh-caught perch, observing the delicate dance of rare fluttering butterflies, and seeing friendly faces & accepting helping hands of strangers……then Pelee is for you.

If you enjoy watching the fiery evening sun drop into & vanish behind the liquid lake-horizon, hiking nature trails & wandering shady forest glades, biking cross-Island with the reward of a tasty buffet dinner motivating you, seeing more colours, textures & shapes of the colour green than you knew existed……then Pelee is for you.

If you relish collecting charming one-of-kind-local crafts, savouring cold ice cream cones melting on a scorching hot summer afternoon, learning an interesting history of proud determination & admirable perseverance, combined with experiencing a present full of varied possibilities……then Pelee Island is for you.

So why not come and visit us…and see for yourself !